Medical Education for Patients

Vestibular Rehabilitation exercises

  • Eye exercises
  • Looking up and then down
  • Looking alternatively left and right
  • Convergence exercise

Head & Neck Exercises

  • Bending alternatively forward & backward
  • Turning alternatively left and then right

Exercise in sitting position

  • Shrugging and rotating shoulders
  • Bending forward and picking up objects from the floor
  • Turning head and trunk alternately to left and right

Exercise in standing position

  • Changing from sitting to standing initially with eye open and then with eyes shut repeadly for 15 mins
  • Throwing a small ball in an arc from hand to hand and following the moving ball with the eyes
  • Throwing a small ball from hand to hand under the knee

Exercise while moving

  • Throwing and catching the ball while walking
  • Walking around in the room with eyes open and closed
  • Playing any game involving bending stretching & aiming with the ball
  • Walking up and down a flight of stairsWalking up and down a flight of stairs


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